Designer In Focus: JL & Nina of Glitterati


Manila is experiencing bad weather and unpredictable politics. Despite these drama plus the recession, two young ladies remain positive and wants to bring good vibes through clothes and hip designs. Runway2Reality interviews Glitterati designers JL and Nina about personal style, fashion, the brand and more.

Name: Joanna Ladrido and Nina Estacio

Age: 22 years old/ 22 years old


JL: Graduate of DLSU with Degree in Psychology/ Designer and Co-owner of Glitterati

Nina: Graduate of DLSU with Degree in Developmental Studies / Designer and Co-owner of Glitterati/ Stylist for Jenni Epperson

Describe your Personal Style, Inspiration and Fashion Philosophy.

JL: I describe my style as bipolar as I shift from wearing a girly tutu today, and then an all black rocker outfit the next--usually, my outfits are dependent on how I feel or what my iPod tells me (it basically decides on days when I can't). My secret is to wear basic pieces but adding a little bit of drama with a pop of colour or fabulous accessories.

When it comes to fashion and how I design, I can never say "never"--I would never say I wont be caught "dead" wearing a particular article of clothing as fashion is constantly evolving and what might not be trendy now, might be trendy in the future. I usually design over-the-top frilly pieces or heavily embellished and studded pieces that make a statement and are at the same time, practical.

Nina: When it comes to designing and describing my personal style, the perfect word to describe it would be "random". I'm very bendable when it comes to my style and designing. I am inspired by everything around me, by magazines and even what I see daily on the streets. However, I believe that if there is one thing about my style that's distinct and ever present, it's always throwing in something bold, striking, and mind-blowing. Something like a plain white loose tank top with a metallic stripe on the side, that kind of thing. I like blending in but standing out a bit. That's where JL and I come together. That is exactly what Glitterati is all about. It's about standing out in the crowd.

How and when did you guys meet?
JL: We created Glitterati because of our passion for fashion. Nina and I met in St. Scholastica's College, Manila, where we both graduated high school. However, it was in college when we really bonded. After graduation, we went on to work our own fields but our love for fashion never went away so we decided to have our own style blogs at Chictopia. To stand out from the crowd, we decided to custom-make our clothes since they were not readily available in the retail stores. People from here and abroad were wondering where we got our clothes and were inquiring if we sell them after use. This gave us the idea of having our own fashion line and translating our vision into wearable ready-made clothes that can be available for fashionistas at reasonable prices. We met about it over drinks and dinner then worked on it the next day. After a month, we had a very successful launch at Piedra Bistro Bar and the rest was fashion history.

How did Glitterati started?

Glitterati is a term that refers to glamorous people: famous, rich, or fashionable people thought of as a group, especially those who are frequently photographed by the media. When you hear the word, you instantly think of fashionistas, It girls and the social scene and it instantly draws you in. The mere sound of the word suggests glamour and status, something most of us aspire for.

That is what our clothes also aim to suggest. Designs that are exuberant, luxurious and lavish, at friendly prices. Clothing that would definitely make the wearer stand out in a crowd. Glitterati girls are fabulous, fashionable and fuss-free. We aspire to serve those who want attention with our over the top, attention-grabbing outfits for any occasion. Our clients are fashion-savvy girls and women who are ready to take dressing up and looking good to the next level.

The clothes are for young women considered to be It-girls who epitomize the word "chic" but at the same time are smart enough to know the value they deserve for the money they pay for clothes. It is for those who day in and day out, dazzle everyone with effortless style, the kind that can never be bought and paid for.

Glitterati clothes are designed especially for the glitz and glamour lifestyle that can easily transition for the jetsetter and people who are always in the scene and on the go.

What is the best fashion advice you ever received?

JL: In the words of the glamorous Coco Chanel, "Fashion fades, style is eternal."

Nina: I got mine from boss and Mabuhay girl, Jenni Epperson, "Style is a discipline, perfection is key."

What is your biggest splurge or the most expensive item you ever bought?

JL: Since Nina and I make our own clothes, in term of fashion it would have to be on accessories. We splurge a lot on bags and shoes as it jazzes up any outfit instantly. My most prized piece is my Chanel 2.55 (Jumbo) in Black which basically goes with all my outfits!

Nina: I have to agree with JL. We rarely buy clothes anymore except for basics. My biggest splurge that I bought for myself fashion-wise is a Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag in Blue. It was my gift to myself.

What advice can you give when it comes to personal style/fashion?

We guess it would be to just always have fun with fashion! Don't take it too seriously... it is not a science. It requires no formula or equation and it thrives on creativity. Fashion is supposed to be very fuss-free and stress-free, it's fun and there is not much pressure when you really love what you're doing. At the end of the day, it will always be worth it. Why we love fashion is best defined by this quote from The Devil Wears Prada, Fashion is "greater than art because you live your life in it."


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